Why I Love Disney as Much as I Do

Growing up in Florida, Heading to Walt Disney World is practically a given. When you grow up 10 minutes away from the beach, you don’t vacation at a beach-you head up to the house of mouse.

As you saw in my previous post, I’ve been heading to Lake Buena Vista since I could walk, before I had a full head of hair. I remember when The Magic Kingdom was the only Park. I visited the year Epcot opened, when a touch screen activity was technologically advanced (way before we all had one in our pockets!) I remember the openings of MGM Studios (Now a sorcerer hat-free Hollywood Studios, with Pixar Place and a Star Wars themed land in full construction.) I visited Animal Kingdom in its inaugural year as well.

None of that, though, is what makes Disney so important to me. I took a trip to Disney for all the important milestones in my life: National Honor Society induction, Grad Nite in high school, date functions in college, graduation from my Bachelor and Masters programs, the first trip my husband and I ever took for our first Valentine’s Day, and so many more, just for fun.

Somehow, no matter how many rides come and go, regardless of the updates in technology, my Disney has become my son’s Disney too!

Taking G to get his baby curls cut for the first time, seeing his face light up thinking Special Agent Oso and Mickey are real, the thrill of his first time on Space and Thunder Mountain-all of those recreate the magic of the happiest trips in my life. Even though Oso is no longer in the parks, that interaction was so special to my little boy, and that’s what makes a parent’s heart warm.

(And something magical always happens there!) When G was about 3, we were meeting the main characters in Animal Kingdom. It was later in the day, and Goofy grabbed my son’s hand and took him over to Mickey’s station to get photos with both of them together. G felt so special that Goofy chose him to take a walk!

We have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and more while at Walt Disney World! And one day, in the future, I look forward to introducing my grandkids to that nostalgic feeling of Main Street USA, the bakery on the corner, the smell of the steam train riding the perimeter, and whatever crazy new rides they will have! It’s a magic that never goes away!

Check out the photo below of G earning his ears at the Caribbean Beach Resort’s pirate-themed room.

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