Vacation Style

As a Florida-raised girl with a passion for the Islands, my choice of fashion has always been a bit bright and eccentric. It just makes me happy to dress cheerfully!

My favorite brand of clothing by leaps and bounds is Lilly Pulitzer. Any lifestyle brand whose motto is “Life is a Party-Dress Like It” is full on my jam! Yes, it’s a pricey brand with limited sales, but the resale prices are fabulous, and the quality overall is unrivaled! More importantly, her clothes tend to flatter my curvier self!

Nothing is more uplifting to make me feel like I’m on vacay than dressing in cruise wear and brights colors on rainy and sometimes cold days! Below are a handful of my favorite outfits, showcasing the cheerfulness of the brand, even when I’m home in Georgia. Check them out! Shopping at Lilly also gets me excited for my next tropical trip!

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