Island (S)hopping with Jess

To the dismay of my dear hubby, T, I am a shopper! I love to shop-clothes, purses…but my dream is gorgeous, sparkly, discounted jewelry. So, the islands are the perfect place for this mama to play after a fun excursion.

In come…the Dans! Dan and Dan on the Disney Fantasy are personal shoppers whose goal is to make sparkly dreams come true with reasonable value! We were on the Fantasy for our 10-year anniversary, and decided to celebrate with memorable items for each of us. The Dans took us around Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth to find us extraordinary deals on a watch for T and some stunning, sparkly presents for me! They have amazing gemstones and superb deals on watches throughout the islands. A personal favorite: check out the Crown of Light jewelry at Diamonds International! And make sure if you are looking for a higher-priced, luxury souvenir, partner with the onboard personal shoppers! They really will steer you in the right direction!

In fact, one of our Dans told us a story about someone who went rogue and wound up with a fake Rolex on the islands for WAY too much money! They know the reputable places to shop, the value, and will negotiate with management behind the scenes. Just for comparison, I went to negotiate in the same store on a comparable item on my own (to see what would happen) on the following trip in the islands, and there was no comparison! Below are an assortment of Crown of Light faceted diamonds that my friend and I checked out in the sunlight with Dan to check out the fire in the sunlight!


And, these two guys had personality plus and were fun to shop with! Happy spending!


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