So…What’s the Deal with Palo?

Palo is the upgraded, adults-only Italian restaurant aboard the entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line ships: the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy. The food onboard for our first 2 cruises was so good in the rotational dining restaurants, and I wasn’t entirely sold on spending an extra $30 per person on Italian food. I was thinking of some of the national chains, and wasn’t excited. However, our friends who we traveled with raved about brunch, and we needed to secure a dinner on the first night at sea to be eligible to book brunch, and since it was affordable, we took the leap!


How glad we were that we chose to book! This is not a plate of spaghetti!!! More like the most tender steak and Osso Bucco that someone can try! The plate of dessert that I am holding in the photo was the array of gluten free desserts that our lovely waitress, Amanda, fixed for me, in addition to the flourless chocolate lava cake that must be ordered at the beginning of the meal, and is totally worth the wait (and the upcharge in itself)!

The ambiance is a perfect escape from the busy dining areas, and nobody under 18 is allowed. There is a dress code requirement, and both dinner and brunch are extraordinary! For dinner, there is a set menu and brunch is a combination of buffet and seated dining. The restaurant is located with panoramic ocean views, and is entirely lovely during the day and at sunset! We wound up there three times over the course of the trip, and loved it more and more each time! The gluten free options were plentiful and we shared many of the items as a family-style choice, so we could all taste the items. Amanda had remembered how much T loves prosciutto and brought him an entire plate! The way to his heart is definitely through deli meat, and he was in ham heaven! We spent hours chatting and just enjoying each other’s company, since the 4 of us all work and don’t often get to double date.

My personal suggestion: try the iced tea! They freeze tea cubes and it is spectacular!




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