Why Use a Travel Agent/Vacation Planner? What’s In It for YOU?

With so much information available on the web, why on earth would you need to speak to an agent?

  1. There is WAY too much information on the internet for you to have to navigate through! Whether you are looking for a theme park, cruise, or destination vacation, things are changing day to day. As a specialized travel professional, I am able to easily provide you with streamlined and up to date ride closures, resort construction, and can help you find the best cruise line to fit your needs.
  2. As a single point of contact, you call me and I call them. No more sitting on hold waiting for someone new each time you need something. Let me do that for you.
  3. Will the vendor call you if a deal comes through to save you money? Of course not…but I will! Your satisfaction is my Number ONE priority! I will get you the best deal available.
  4. Concierge, personalized service. Food allergy? Check. Birthday or anniversary? Got it covered.
  5. Knowledge! Do you want to get through Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in one day? No problem. I’ve done it, and can give you tips and trick on how you can too.
  6. Want dining reservations? Fast pass recommendations? Suggestions for an excursion? Look no further.
  7. Wouldn’t you rather deal with a live person than a website? I’m fun, too! 🙂
  8. If you are on a honeymoon or planning a destination wedding, I have ideas to make a trip extra-specially romantic! Sandals? I was married there. First anniversary at a Sandals location as well.
  9. As a Disney College of Knowledge Graduate, I have intel on each location, and I’ve been planning Walt Disney World trips since I was a teenager (and that was kind of a long time ago.) Having been to WDW parks over 100 times in my life, I have a lot of Disney trivia to share, and some cool ideas for repeat visitors to make each trip unique.
  10. I may come up with a solution you hadn’t thought of. I was speaking with a friend last week: she wanted to convince her husband to go on a cruise. He was resistant, because he loves to schedule vacations focused on golfing. I suggested Bermuda, with some of the most gorgeous golf courses in the world. I will be scheduling their cruise shortly!
  11. Take the stress off. Let me plan your vacation. You pack. I plan. You enjoy and unwind-that’s what vacations are for!
  12. MY SERVICES ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! What do you have to lose?

For a free vacation quote, reach out today: j.renard@magicalvacationplanner.com.

Let’s go somewhere!

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