The Benefits of Vacationing

For years, I was too broke and too busy to even consider going anywhere. There was always something to fix, buy, or do first, and those items were a priority. In fact, when I graduated with my Master degree, I was making a whopping $25K a year, working about 70 hours a week at a community mental health center, and of course, rent and food came first, with gas and car repairs not far behind.

Thankfully, T and I have worked incredibly hard to now be able to take some trips, and it has made so much difference in bringing our stress levels down. This summer, in fact, we are planning a handful of short adventures, as well as a week-long cruise (of course, I will be sharing more details and pictures with you soon!)

The most important benefit is unplugging and spending quality time with family (and sometimes friends). We are all so inundated with information on our phones and devices that it helps us detach from demands, news, and needing to be responsive 24/7. There is nothing better than putting the phone away and spending quality time on a beach or riding thrill rides with your family. Now that G is old enough, he even counts down the days until our next trip and travels so well (we started him flying at 6 months and cruising at age 4! He started Disney trips at 18 months-oh, the magic! And our first trip with him to Universal was as soon as he could ride a good portion of rides at 5 years old.) He has even flown overseas to London and just got his passport renewed! Even just chilling at a resort pool brings us closer. You can’t been QT with your loved ones!

Stress reduction is a huge component as well. I work from home and am always under pressure to complete deliverables, clean, do laundry, and more. There is nothing better than a week-long break from everyday tasks. Food? Someone else takes care of. Driving? Uber or Lyft take us where we need to go. The most I need to do is decide where to eat and what to get…Score!

There have been countless studies proving that vacations are beneficial to cardiac and mental health! Be a wizard in Harry Potter World at Universal. Be a princess at Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World. Go on an Adventure by Disney guided tour. Take a ship to an island. Go on an adventure. The world is too large to stay home!

If nothing else, you have a great time. So…let’s go somewhere!


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