A Quick Trip to NYC: Day 1

I’ve been planning a number of trips for summer for us, and a great many for my clients. Since G had never been to New York and T had business to conduct, we caught a quick trip here!

Our first adventure was hailing an Uber out of LaGuardia, which is under massive construction. 20 minutes and a near miss being flattened by a bus in a crosswalk, and we were on our way to the hour-long trip to The City-lots of traffic! Meanwhile, a very sad and uneventful parade blocked the street in front of Madame Tussaud’s (our first stop), so we walked over…and at the Uber rate this dude charged, I was not pleased, especially since we had been up early for our flight! My anxiety was on high alert and the sheer amount of people in the streets combined with awful traffic did not help relax me in any way.

Off to the wax museum, and we sure did have a blast! The Ghostbusters virtual experience was so real and stole the show! T met us there after his meeting, and we did the whole thing again…from the Oval Office to meeting was Babe Ruth, the destination was a true must-do!

Then, we had to have lunch, so pizza was on the menu! Even my super picky kiddo was in slice-heaven over true NY style pizza. We found a gluten free place for me, and all was great…right across from The Majestic on Broadway, which is still playing Phantom, my all-time favorite show.

Wandering slowly back to the hotel, we headed into the National Geographic Experience, the only place in the world offering an immersive virtual experience into the Pacific Ocean without one live fish! This was an amazing, educational, and relaxing adventure, which we all truly enjoyed!

We meandered through a couple of shops in Times Square, then headed to our hotel to get ready for Spongebob Squarepants on Broadway.

Having studied theatre for many years, I was dying a little inside that this was the choice we made for one of two Broadway shows!!! I will say, however, that it was a fun-filled, upbeat, hilarious show that thankfully wasn’t awful like the cartoon namesake! We had such a great time, the cast was incredibly talented, and we saw why the show was nominated for so many Tony Awards. We all left singing the theme song with huge smiles, especially G, and that’s what it’s all about. He cracked up through almost the whole musical. A big shout out to Squidward, who really killed it! Cynical characters are my thing!

I’ll keep you posted on day 2.

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