Yes, I am a Pirate: My Review of Escape to Margaritaville

There are two things that have always been constants in my life: my love of Broadway musicals and my lifetime Parrothead membership. So when I heard Jimmy was writing a musical, it was a no-brained that this was a show that we were going to see! Luckily for me, we spent Mother’s Day weekend on Broadway, so… I wondered, how were the many songs of Jimmy Buffett going to fit together in a show? Was this going to be a musical revue or a real play?

We started out in the lobby, where there was a high level of energy from Parrotheads near and far! We met a couple from St. Louis (she and I bonded over our love of JB) while both of our husbands were not as into the tunes. Grabbing a margarita in the lobby (because, you know…), I went to find my seat where T and G had already settled in. We met a few couples celebrating some milestone anniversaries (35, 40, and 50) and the ones celebrating 40 were dressed in the same Hawaiian shirts and crazy straw hats to make any fan proud!

I was so excited, and G had been listening to Margaritaville Radio since about birth (minus the few years of awful “kid” music that all parents somehow survive). The show did not disappoint in any way! From audience participation throughout (ok, I might have been struggling not to sing all the songs-and I do NOT sing well) to the talent of the cast, we had a blast!!!! That Saturday night will go into the history books as one of the best ever! The cast was energetic, and Paul Alexander Nolan (Tully) had a voice on him that really resonated beautifully! He captured the role so well, and I was amazed that Keely Hutton was the understudy for Rachel, since she had so much onstage chemistry with Nolan. Imagine my surprise when I found out they are married in real life!

Rema Webb was the perfect blend of tough chick and comedy, and you’d never know she wasn’t Jamaican-her accent was impeccable!

JD, Brick, and Tammy were hilarious (and talk about voices: Lisa Howard’s is unreal!!!) I cant stop listening to the soundtrack since we’ve been home!

The transitions between songs wove a few-good, fun story line throughout, and the whole vibe was “beach party”. If you want to see an upbeat, entertaining, and most importantly FUN show, grab onto your fin and head to Escape to Margaritaville! It’s worth it! (My non-Parrothead hubby would agree and I *may* have busted him playing the soundtrack in the car as well).

Meeting the cast after the show and getting our beach ball autographed really made my Mom’s Day special! The stars were so friendly and sweet!

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