Denver, What a Great Surprise!

I had no idea what to expect in Colorado. This was our first trip out there. T had some work to do and G wrapped up with school (yes, this early…cue eye roll), so we packed up for some family fun!

Day 1 was a bit of a mess. We flew out early after an hour delay (it happens) and it was pretty clear that our new suitcase was loaded on the plane. Can you guess which is mine?

img_8355So, we go to check into hotel #1, which we didn’t know was a “self service” hotel with no safe in the room or at the desk. Not to sound snooty, but when we travel, the idea of self service doesn’t come to mind. Someone else dealing with my dirty linens is the first sign of a great vacay. Off to the JW Marriott in Cherry Creek, which was stunning, with attentive valets, reception, and more. 10 stars from the Roos! T worked on his presentation and I took G to the Museum of Science and Nature. The Dead Sea Scrolls were on display, but no tickets were available. We had a great time wandering through the exhibits, and the real gem was the virtual reality ride making you feel like you are floating through space looking down on earth! We were blown away!!! The animals of America exhibits were so cool too. Then we caught an IMAX movie about the history of American music and dinner at Elway’s (which was outstanding-food and service both.)


Day 2: T in all-day presentation. G and I headed to Elitch Gardens, a local amusement park in the center of Denver. Enjoy the pix, including the before and after of us on the Spider (AKA vomitron). Lots of spinning, but we had a great time and kept down breakfast. The view from the ferris wheel was spectacular. They had hawks on display and we learned a bit about them. A late lunch, and then we went shopping at the luxurious Cherry Creek Mall, where I picked out a surprise for T for our 11 year anniversary. Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure in the next post…


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