Day 2 of NCL Getaway: Chilling at Sea

Our second day on the Getaway was a day at sea. T signed up for an acupuncture session, and his feedback was astronomical! His shoulder which had been bothering him for some time was finally at ease, and that helped him relax. After he was done, the 3 of us headed to Garden Café for a lovely buffet breakfast. I was able to easily find some gluten free options, while my picky little eater hunted down some pancakes that he liked. We played at the pool and on the waterslides again, relaxing and luxuriating in the lovely weather. The top deck, 16, was a bit more relaxed and quieter, so we planted ourselves there while G went up and down the slides with some of his new friends.

In the afternoon, we took a break from the sun to participate in “Escape the Big Top”, a carnival-themed escape room, where we joined 7 extra people to solve riddles and gather clues. It was a very challenging, and so we were shocked that our team won! What a blast (and lots of luck involved.) After some more time at the pool, and another round of belly flop watching, the guys headed to the room for a nap (isn’t that what vacations are for?) and I was off to the spa for a hot stone massage. I found a bit of the process highly salesy, and the therapist started by brushing my skin with what felt like sandpaper, however, after I asked her to stop, I had an outstanding treatment. More sales followed, which put a slight damper on the relaxation.

Dinner had a minor issue: we had reservations at Teppenyaki, and the maître d seated over 20 people before us who arrived after. We waited over 30 minutes and then I called over the food and beverage manager, who efficiently seated us at Cagney’s, where the food and service were equally magnificent. We both had steak-I had the filet with grilled mushrooms and T had a huge ribeye. I have never seen a steak vs. T contest where the steak won until that night! Impressive all around, and Amanda provided a huge turnaround in service and saved the evening. This was covered in the 5 day dining package we purchased prior to setting sail.

We swung into the jewelry store onboard and were blown away! This was the most impressive shop we had ever seen onboard a cruise line, with very reasonable deals on watches (including Hublot, Tag Heuer, and Certified Pre-Owned Rolex) as well as a generous selection of jewelry, such as Kallati and LeVian. Jose and Maryana were friendly and engaging, celebrating large purchases by sharing a bottle of champagne. What a personal touch!

The unlimited internet was spotty and mediocre, but I was able to post a few photos on Instagram and follow up with some clients, so it worked for my needs, but took a few tries sometimes.

The Freestyle Cruising concept gave us so much freedom to not have to preplan heavily, and we were able to go at our own pace and create joy our way.


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