Day 4: Harvest Caye (aka Paradise)

You may be wondering: what could possibly top Roatan? Let me tell you, Harvest Caye gave it a run for the money! After a busy and active adventure, a chill day at the beach was in the cards for us! No excursions, just a couple of “Dirty Bananas” on the beach (they are amazing frozen beverages) and a long swim in the ocean with a bunch of new friends. In fact, a family we met lived down the road from our old home in Florida and the son went to my high school! What a small world.

We disembarked and walked down a long covered pathway, bypassing the golf cart transport since we had been eating quite a lot of delicious grub. You can tell the island was laid out deliberately, and while some think this is a negative, we saw it as a manmade slice of paradise! The beach was incredibly clean (the sand was a bit rocky and rough), and we searched for a bit to find a recliner with umbrella cover. Score! T grabbed one and we played in the ocean for hours. It was a perfect day, warm and sunny! G brought his snorkeling gear and went in search of fish sightings, as we watched the dual “Superman” style zip liners over the water.

By now, everyone knows I’m a huge Parrothead, and I had to check out the margaritas at the huge Landshark Bar (and grab a t-shirt from Belize!) There was also a 15,000 square foot pool with a swim up bar and waterfall! So cool!


The manatee calf coming up for air!

Later that afternoon, the lifeguards started clearing out the swim area! They spotted a manatee calf, and since they are protected, the guards wanted to make sure nobody hurt or threatened it. We got to see the calf up close (some of the photos show a shadow-that’s the manatee). Everyone on the shoreline grabbed their phones and cameras, and all of us were cheering when the little one came up for air! It was so magical!!!

After our spontaneous manatee experience, we wandered around the shopping area and headed back to the boat…very hungry! We hit the Garden Café buffet for some food, and then headed to an art auction with Park West, and won our first piece of art that night! We got back to the room and our next door neighbors were on the balcony letting us know that there were dolphins jumping next to our ship! We went outside and saw an adult and baby dolphin pacing us! Another very magical moment! That evening, we grabbed a mediocre dinner at the included Taste dining room. The meal was ok, but didn’t hold a candle to our signature dining.

We wandered around the ship and took some family photos. Overall, we needed an easy night to prepare for Costa Maya the next day.

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