Day 5: Costa Maya

Sorry for the huge delay in posting! I was catching up on a ton of work and fighting a week-long bout of not-sure-what-it-is-but-feeling-ewww.

Cancellations are never fun. We woke up excited to go on another snorkeling adventure, however, seeing how choppy the ocean looked, we were a tad nervous about nausea. Thankfully, the tour was cancelled, so we wandered around the Port of Costa Maya for a little bit, saying hi to the flamingos, which thrilled me no end!

Afterwards, we headed back to the ship for the day, enjoying time at the pool and on the waterslides. G loved that there were no lines, and we loved the opportunity to enjoy a mellow day with less of a crowd. Sometimes, relaxing is the way to go, and after 2 days of amazing adventures, it was totally worth the chill time.

We wandered through the atrium and caught the tail end of a family balloon drop activity. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to compete, but it sure was fun watching families try not to bust open their egg (and now have some ideas for next time!) There is so much available to do on the ship, whether you stay onboard or head to an island excursion.

Lunch at the buffet was lovely, with a run by the ice cream bar, because…ice cream! Another art auction for the win, and G was a guest auctioneer, which was a trip. He was able to warm up the audience with some jokes, and was his charming and adorable self! Dinner at La Cucina was outstanding! T had a calamari appetizer with osso bucco as a main, and I thoroughly enjoyed a delicious ribeye following a serving of carpaccio. The food there was outstanding, and the charming ambience made you feel like you were swept away into an Italian kitchen.

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